Doctor Trainee Education

SGEI School Of Innovation, Training And Research (SITAR)

We at SGEI aim to develop excellence in Endoscopy in India. Over the years, we have seen many of our colleagues travel far and wide for training in advanced endoscopy. We believe we have enough resources and mentors in India to provide world class training to our younger generation. SITAR is intended to be a flagship program of SGEI which will consists of a multitude of initiatives focusing on professional enhancement and academic opportunities for young SGEI members.

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Young Endoscopist UpSkilling (YES) Program

One of the mandates of “Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India (SGEI)” is to promote education and training in basic/ advanced endoscopy. This is a programme to upskill young budding gastroenterologists in latest endoscopy skills. The current DM and DNB programmes in teaching institutes only covers the basic endoscopic training and do not emphasize training in advanced endoscopy skills. Except for a few Advanced fellowship programmes, there is no exclusive programme currently available in the country for early career Gastroenterologists in advanced endoscopy skills.